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Transport costs will be published on the YBYNU Website / Platform, applicable as at the date of conclusion of the sale of the Sale Goods, and as may change from time to time or as otherwise maybe agreed between YBYNU and Users, recorded in writing, and, in the absence of such publication or agreement, the charges for the collection or delivery of Sale Goods by YBYNU from or to Users, to or from the place(s) of business of YBYNU, as the case may be, on the following:
A charge of R500 if such collection or delivery point is within a radius of 24 km, and R7/km thereafter, from such place(s) of business or as may otherwise be agreed and acceptable to YBYNU, recorded in writing; provided that such defined radius shall be determined by YBYNU, in its sole discretion and such defined radius shall be determined by YBYNU in its sole discretion.

Order Return

The Purchaser is entitled, within 7 days of payment of the Sale Consideration to return the Sale Goods - in the same state and condition as at the time of collection or delivery - to the premises of YBYNU, together with the original packaging, if applicable. The Purchaser shall provide YBYNU with bank details and the Sale Price paid by the Purchaser shall - subject to such funds having cleared - be refunded by YBYNU into such specified bank account by electronic transfer.

Cash on delivery

Payment of the Sale Price shall be effected by or on behalf of the Purchaser to YBYNU on behalf of the Seller, immediately but in any event within 24 hours of written confirmation by YBYNU to the Purchaser of the conclusion of the sale of the Sale Goods in accordance with the agreed arrangements in respect thereof, including the Sale Price, relevant particulars and delivery arrangements (as contemplated elsewhere in these Terms) into the designated YBYNU client account, as follows:
Standard Bank
Ellis Park Branch (00 46 05)
Account no.: 002 100 479
Ref.: (To be provided by YBYNU)
or such other client account as may be nominated by YBYNU, in writing, from time to time with proof of payment to be sent by the Purchaser to YBYNU within such 24-hour period.
Upon payment of the Sale Price reflecting in the designated account, the sale of the Sale Goods from the Seller to the Purchaser on the agreed provisions shall come into effect and be binding upon the Seller and Purchaser respectively.
Within 14 days of receipt of the Sale Price and provided the money back return has not been invoked by the Purchaser in respect of the Sale Goods and in the absence of any clear dispute, as provided for in these Terms, pay the Sale Price, less the permitted deductions, also provided for in these Terms, to the Seller into the bank account nominated by the Seller, in writing.