what we do

Why Use Us?

1 -

SECURE - We protect you, your family, your products and money from harm

2 -

CONVENIENT - We do all the work for you - We collect your goods - post on our website  and other sales platforms - sell your goods - deliver the goods to the buyer -pay you your money.

3 -

ASPIRATIONAL - Helping you elevate your lifestyle

Disposing of your household goods; you have 3 options:

Option 1 

Sell yourself online and receive 100% value of your goods.

Option 2 

Sell to a second hand dealer who will traditionally offer you a rate of 30% of the value of the goods.

Option 3 

Drop it with YBYNU and We give you 80% of what we sell it for.

Why Not:

Option 1 

Take phone calls all day from strangers, risk to your family for allowing strangers to view the goods,risk of payment for the goods.

Option 2 

Get the least amount of money for the product.

Option 3 



Our Policy


YBYNU has common law and/or moral and/or registered rights in its names, logos and trademarks and the User shall not copy, alter, use or otherwise deal in any of the same without the prior written consent of YBYNU.


The User agrees that it uses the Platform at the User’s own risk.

The User acknowledges that YBYNU is not responsible for the conduct or activities of any User and that YBYNU is not liable for such under any circumstances or any errors or failures to execute offers on the Platform, including errors or failures caused by:
loss of connection to the internet or to the online software by any party;
---A breakdown or failure of the software;
---A breakdown or failure of any Seller's or Buyer's internet connection or computer;
---Any errors or omissions in connection with a sale process for Sale Goods;
---Generally in respect of any act or omission of YBYNU in Terms of any of the functions or operations envisaged in these Terms or arising for the matters contemplated herein.

Contact Information

Fax: to be advised
Email: info@ybynu.co.za
Tel: 08000 YBYNU (92968)

Domicilium, Notices and Communications

YBYNU chooses domicilium citandi et executandi ("domicilium") for the purposes of the giving of any notice, the serving of any process and for any other purpose arising from or pursuant to these Terms, as follows Ground Floor,34 Andries Street, Wynberg, Johannesburg 2090



1 -

Seller paid 14 days after sale.

2 -

YBYNU does not take ownership of your goods we are just a platform for buyers and sellers

3 -

Insurance - The items are yours - you need to insure them

4 -

Commission is deducted off selling price

5 -

VAT is charged on commission

6 -

Rental is charged at 5% of selling price after 60 days

7 -

General Terms & Conditions as in profile